New Video Series!

Aside from the YouTube paganchallenge that I’m participating in, there are two other  series that I’ll be making videos for. Both, surprisingly (you know, or not if you’ve been paying attention at all to my interests) are about books. For the one, I’ll be talking about books that have been important to my path, be they fiction or nonfiction. For the second, I’ll be reviving my Celebrating Pagan Fiction series, wherein I’ll be speaking about pagan-friendly fiction written by pagans.

The first in the Books That Matter series is up! Go, listen to me talk about Walking the Heartroad by Silence Maestas! And then, I dunno, maybe go buy a copy. (Maybe also check out his new book on worshiping Loki, too!)



3 thoughts on “New Video Series!

  1. YESSSS!!!! Also… you are crazy!! Lol, though I suppose if you do it off the cuff, videos can be much quicker than writing blog posts… But also, YESSSS!!! I love watching your videos, and moar is GOOOOD!! 😀

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