When Worlds Collide Chapter Two is live!

For my subscribers: emails should have hit your inboxes last night. If you’re expecting an installment and you did not receive one, please contact me. I triple check the addresses before I hit send, but I’m also human. I plug those in by hand (one day I’m going to look into a fancier way of doing it, I swear!) and I was working through a nagging headache last night, and omissions have happened before, so please, please  don’t hesitate to call me on it. Edited to add: I skipped a whole group of subscribers. See? This is why I ask. It should be remedied now, but again, if you haven’t gotten your installment, call me on it. As always, thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy this installment.

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, but are curious: I run a story subscription. For $10 a month, you receive a story or story installment (let’s be real, it’s usually a story installment; novella is my ‘sweet spot’ length) of unpublished, brand new material, 4 thousand words (roughly 8 pages) or more in either .PDF, .mobi, or .epub format. We’re on the second installment of what is looking to be a five installment long story, When Worlds Collide.  There are a few ways you can join in on this. I have a Patreon set up, so if you want to pledge $10 a month for the duration of the story, you can. You can also pay via paypal.com. There’s more information about that here.

Even though the story has started, you can still opt in, and that will be true until the very last installment is set to go out. When Worlds Collide is a paranormal romance, and an amusing glimpse at what it might be like to count Loki as family. It centers around some of His more famous children, and is the first of three such stories. Personally, I love this story, but then, I would, and Loki — even as a secondary character — is wonderful to write.  If you like gods as characters in stories, if you like the illusion of the mundane being shattered by the presence of the magical, if your favorite themes are First Contact and Finding Home (those are totally my favorite themes), you might want to check this out.  (Below is an excerpt from Chapter 1) [When Worlds Collide 2016 copyright Jolene Dawe]

“So . . .” Meliah groped for words. Usually she wasn’t unnerved by silence, but this was a tense silence, the kind you wanted to break, the kind that got heavier and heavier the longer it stretched on. They were both, she realized, extremely nervous. Which made her want to laugh. What the hell was he nervous about?

Possibly that she was going to press charges.

“Your father has a bad temper, then?”

Hest very nearly laughed beer out his nose. He turned a few shade of red, managed to swallow without choking, and set his empty bottle down. “He’s not my father,” he said, “but, yeah. He’s sort of legendary for it. It’s unfair — he’s not unreasonable in his anger. He doesn’t just pop off randomly. Unless his kids are involved.”

“So, they’re all your half siblings?”


Meliah nodded. Fiddled with the label on her bottle. “Did—” She stopped. Inhaled. Tried again. “He threw that man out the window. Eight stories. And he got up like he’d tripped.”

Hest lifted his bottle to drink, found it empty, and frowned at it. “Yup.”

“That’s not possible. The windows. My apartment.” Meliah heard her voice going shrill, and stopped again. “Is it going to be safe for me to stay here? Or is he going to come back.”

“Oh, he won’t be back any time soon, love.”

Meliah had the satisfaction of seeing Hest flinch, so she didn’t feel so bad that the woman’s voice startled her half out of her skin.

She stood in the open doorway dressed in a neat, tidy pantsuit. Dark auburn hair brushed her shoulders in a riot of waves, suggesting that it’d been tied up wet and was newly released. She offered Meliah a slight smile before her eyes fell on Hest. The wattage of her smile hiked up to brilliant, lighting up her whole face. She lifted her hands and crossed into the apartment without an invitation. “Ach, my boy.”

Hest folded Meliah’s neighbor into his arms, squeezing tight, and dropped his head to her shoulder. Meliah hadn’t noticed him looking particularly tense —  then again, she was rather focused on her own stress — but she could see the tension draining out of him. “It’s so good to see you, Ma.” His voice was muffled.

Meliah stood, feeling awkward and intrusive in her own kitchen.

After another long minute or two, Hest stepped back. He held his mother at arm’s length. “Are you all right?”

His mother shrugged a shoulder. “Oh, him? Please. It’s a familiar song and dance, nothing more. Some of us simply like our routines. Others of us like to seek out something new, now and again.” She shifted so that she could look at Meliah and Hast at the same time. “I’m sorry to have met you under these circumstances,” she said, holding out a hand. Her grin was almost all teeth this time. “I’m Loki.”



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