Well, hello kettle. Aren’t you looking shiny and black today?

Sometimes, I’m an asshole and I don’t even realize the full extent of it.

Lovely people have assured me that the snobbery does not manifest in a visible way except for when I’m talking about it, and that’s all very well and good, but I can see it, and I can see my steps toward it, and I dislike much that I still do this, and so, here, everyone, please see it.

In reading over ADF’s Dedicant Manual and reaching the section on PIE hearth culture, my inner critic would not shut up. In the manual, they don’t actually cite sources. I’m aware that  Ceisiwr Serith’s writing and research likely plays a huge role in the material being presented, and I have his Deep Ancestors book on my TBR pile. My issue with the material as its presented is that people who are just coming into paganism may not know where to go to find source material, and they may not even know that having to seek that out is a thing, and it just . . grates. Also, and more important for this particular humble pie recipe, is that I find myself scoffing. “How can we possibly know? It’s all guesses at the best, and that’s fine, but call it that!” My problem with myself with this is two-fold: one, I despise the default ‘it has to be in a book to have merit’ approach that is so prevalent in polytheism  (are we living traditions or are we dead traditions?) so while, yeah, I wish that it was called something like “inspired by theories regarding PIE religion”, I also need to get over myself.

But then — and this is the part that is so fucking beautiful I can’t stand it — then! Then, I go to start some work with runes the other night, and I find myself facing the Elder Futhark, and I’m all, mmm-mmm-MMMM gimme that humble pie! The whole pie, please! Nom nom nom.

The Elder Futhark is reconstructed. It’s theory. It’s best-guess.

HahahahahahaHA. It’s a good thing I like pie.


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