“Make Magic with Me,” He says

It’s only been, what, two years, since He uttered those words. The Work I generally do with my Beloved is centered around healing, or around witnessing. For myself, for Others, for others. It’s healing for the dead, for the land, for various Others. It’s sitting with a spirit who comes shortly after death, and being with her until she’s ready to move on. It’s  tapping in to the web, to the tapestry, and going where I’m guided.

I thought, when He first spoke that I would participate in the group working going on, that I would use a different tactic. That I would focus on an amped up offering of healing for those who are in need of it — and that was part of the working (and the struggle of being His and of walking this path, is offering what healing I can to those I would rather have suffer) but it was not all, and it was not even the bulk.

I won’t speak on the specifics. I will speak on my surprise, at how articulate He is, on the topic of magic-working. Living as I do with both He and Odin so much on my mind, obviously Dad is the magician, right? Right?

Except Poseidon slips in close, and whispers in my ear, and tells me each step along the way, and together, we make magic. Given what I know of His relationship with Hekate, I really ought not be surprised.


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