Keeping It Real — coming back to good. Again.

These moments sneak up on me so  easily,  I almost never notice them before it’s too late. Stress from the day job (managerial re-arrangement, one coworker going out on medical leave, one coworker giving notice, and then there were four) combined with a work week of eight consecutive days while schedules got rearranged to create  enough stress to send me into overload mode. Toss in an injury that I’m trying to pamper, not enough food in the house due to   inadequate shopping plans, two nights of take-out, and a writing project I haven’t touched in five weeks, and you’ve got a Jo who is overwhelmed to the point of despair.

I greatly admire people, like Beth, who can take that stress and use it to barrel on through. I  try to use her as a role model. I try to  do that, myself, and with the minor things, I manage. With the small things, I can more often than not psyche myself up to Do The Things. With these moments that sneak up on me and create a mountain?

And they  do sneak up. I was excited. I was learning new things. I have my stack of nonfiction Hinduism books to read, and I want to read them. I have the ADF material to keep going through, and I want to read those things, too. Except now reading has become homework, and that’s not fun, and I’m not writing, and, and, and.

I made my video for next week’s prompt.

I caught my two dropped stitches, and shimmied them up the three rows they’d fallen down through.

I’ve made a list of the top three project-and-chore priorities that will be tackled in the next week, and I’ve got plans for getting back on track with the WIP in place.

It was getting the knitting fixed that gave me the sense that I could do this, if I could just stop and breathe.

I feel better now. I’m also setting aside the nonfiction for when I’m in a nonfiction mood. Generally that’s my before  bed study.  And I’ll admit it, I prefer my nonfiction read to me or spoken to me these days. So , I need to find some podcasts to knit to.

I’m exhausted today, but I rested my knee. I  stayed in comfy clothes, and pulled in tight, and nested, and tomorrow I’ll be better.




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