“Give this to Me”

This. This is what I want as a gift. I want this surrender. I want the last conviction of unworth.

I’m reading through the section on ritual poise, and I’m contemplating how I’ve been in public ritual verses how I am in private. I’m reflecting on confidence and the irrelevancy of concepts of unworth — because worthy or no, I’m doing the things, damn it.

I want this, this.  You will speak of your sense of unworth in past tense, henceforth. You will give this to Me for good.

There is such press, such Presence, such love. Oh, my Beloved.


10 thoughts on ““Give this to Me”

  1. I just got a palpable sense of ‘THIS’ from Papa as I read your post. I suspect this might be something he’d like from me, too.

    Good luck!

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