So, I joined ADF

I’m having waaaaay too much fun with, “I’m a druid now!”

I have conflicting feelings about having joined groups only to leave, later on. The Troth, the Aeldriht, the coven we were in (which, arguably, we’d still be in if we hadn’t moved), Anni’s Season of the Seeker program. I shouldn’t feel conflicted; I should feel like Odin’s daughter, for I am.

I’m looking forward to seeing what I learn about myself on this particular venture. Their Dedicant Program is set up primarily for people who are utterly new to paganism, so much of this is going to be revisiting for me, which is fine. At the end of it all, I may discover this isn’t for me, but I find myself eating on my own words (“I’m not trying to build a tradition for others!!”)  (mmm, tasty words). I’m not sure that I *am* trying to build a tradition for others, but I am sure there are things I want to do that would be so much easier not building from the ground up, and if all I get from this is more exposure to different ways people are, and more exposure to skillsets that might serve me well, it’ll be good.

Time and again, I’ve said I’m not a recon, and I’m not. Inspired by the past and cultural context? Yes! Hell, yes. I’m also not a dual-trad person, and as I’m eyeballing Hinduism (Hey, Vishnu, ‘sup?) the idea of multi-trad-hood is utterly daunting and somewhat unwieldy. I’m a modern polytheist living now. So, the seeming emphasis on history and lived experience (and not racism, can I stress that enough, no I cannot) is/are all very appealing.

I came across a phrase in their DP material yesterday that I wanted to share, one sentence, but damned if I can find it now. It was about not trying to recreate, but rather to build new, to be pagan, to bring the gods into the world now. I wish I could find it, it was better than that.

Waffling re: journaling here, which means that my Libra and my Virgo are conspiring to want to have a separate journal, and They’re all, “Yes, because that always works so well for you.” so I’ll be making a category for that here, if people want to read along.

And maybe there will be videos. Who knows.

For right now? Right now I’m on day five of my eight day work week, and I’ve got a deadline for Wednesday for writing work, so I may be scarce until after.

Also, I dropped two stitches, and my sock progress is on hold until I can find a hook to fix that problem. I made it worse trying to fix it on the way home yesterday. Using knitting needles to fix  a ladder on bulky yarn is totally easy! Doing the same thing on sock weight?  Yeah, no.


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