Offerings to Vishnu, ADF babble, and a Tarot video!

With the set up of the extended shrine space,  I’ve turned my mind toward offerings to Vishnu-without-Poseidon, Lakshmi, Durga, and Ganesh. I’m still at a wordless offering place — incense, and non-verbal touching in. Part of that is the offerings happen first thing in the morning, and I’m not a person who words easily first thing in the morning.

Words will be incorporated at some point — maybe. Regularly? That’s less clear. Words tend to be, for me, about community-with-humans, not so much community-with-Powers. They don’t need my words, but the world might. So, we’ll see?

Two sticks in the morning is the limit for me, for what my delicate nose can tolerate, so Poseidon gets one, and the rest share the other, and so far so good with that. May incorporate drink offerings for Them to all get individualized hospitality and attention.

Part of why I’m eyeballing ADF is an attraction to a ritual format (or even ritual tradition) that is utilized by many to fit a variety of ‘hearth cultures’ that can serve as a common language. This may be silly — surely I can figure that out on my own, and in fact,  I have — but it’s only one part of my eyeballing joining ADF. This is a reoccurring idea of mine, and I’m going to do it if for no other reason than to finally put that idea to bed. The more I read about Hinduism, the more and more  I’m reminded that worship is about extending hospitality and expressing gratitude. This seems to be true across the board. Keeping in right relationship with the Powers.

As I ponder and as I write and as I pray, I come back to balking about adopting a Hindu form of worship. I’m about as Hindu as I am Hellenic; I’m not. And I tend to tie myself up in knots, a lot, when I’m in study mode. So maybe joining ADF and working through their Dedicant Program while studying Hinduism and its history, might be the thing I need to remember that there are other ways of approaching Them, if They find it agreeable.

Poseidon’s been trying to get me to leave off from Hellas in my mind, of associating Him so much with Hellas, that He’s all for this.

And, for something completely different, I made a tarot deck flip-through video. Luna added her commentary, and the last minute had me in tears when I watched it before uploading it. Just sayin’.


9 thoughts on “Offerings to Vishnu, ADF babble, and a Tarot video!

    • Well that’s actually part of my hesitancy. As far as study goes, it would make the most sense, as it’s the one area of interest that I know the least about. But it would also misrepresent my interests, because Poseidon is my dominant focus. Picking a hearth culture in a singular sense will not work for me.

      • Picking a single hearth culture for dedicant path studies doesn’t mean you are abandoning others. It’s just helpful to focus on one for the studies. It’s aimed at people who don’t have any cultural background for their practice and it makes sense to delve fully into a single culture as a foundation. But it’s not mandatory to pick only one. Many of the ADF members I know work in multiple hearth cultures (usually two, sometimes three). I myself intend to work with both Celtic and Anglo Saxon in the end.

        • I do approve that they give importance to gaining cultural background when one might not have any. I’ve got both the Hellenic and Heathen bits down (and hearing Anglo Saxon month names really brought me back, let me just say!) Adding a potential third to the mix is really throwing me for a loop.

  1. I like ADF for a number of reasons including the fact that it includes various hearth cultures (I can honor three of my four pantheons in an ADF format if I want to! :)). There is a Vedic presence in ADF that might (or might not) be somewhat applicable to your honoring of Hindu gods.

    • This is a huge draw to me. I’m never comfortable exclude People because of region, so to speak.

      Attending blots where all gods could be hailed, but only Heathen gods, left an impression. My worship is without compartments like tthat, and our rituals which are not deity-specific, are inclusive. So yes. Big apeal.

  2. What books on Hinduism are you reading? Can you recommend any? Shiva claimed me as a devotee and I’d like to learn more at some point. (I’m not sure how to be hospitable to so many deities so this is definitely a work in progress.)

    • Also, here is a the ADF’s recommended reading section; if you scroll down you’ll get to their Vedic culture section. I’ve already found two that I want to see if I can get my hands on.

      Admittedly, I’m coming at all of this through what you’d suppose would be a Vishnu-slant but is turning out to be more of a Shakti-slant, though in the end, primarily a Poseidon-slant, so what I’m interested in may not be useful to you.

      Edited to add: I’m disatisfied, looking over their list of books on the topic. One: they’re older books. Two: they don’t look, at a glance, to be written by those involved in the religion(s). While I think scholars who are not devotees or practitioners can offer valuable information and a detached perspective, this is not Ancient Hellenic religion, for example. It’s extant, not extinct, and while I’ll look at these books, I’m more interested in reading stuff written by actual worshipers. (In Praise of the Goddess’s commentary, for example, is written by an ‘insider’ iirc.)

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