Prayers, good thoughts, energy for the Corbster.

It’s not dire — his heart health is holding steady. But yesterday, he started favoring his front right foot. It seems to bother him the most after getting up, and he’ll favor  it more  immediately, and then start putting more weight on it as he goes. His toe beans pads look fine, his nails aren’t pulled or broken, and he doesn’t protest when we touch any part of him. (Unless we’re holding him up to do it, and then he wriggles, but that’s typical). He is still doing his twirly-trotting-maddness dance for carrots or breakfast or pills. He stretched his whole arm out before getting out of bed, and he’s already limping less overall than yesterday.

He’s a jumper. It’s very easy to believe he landed wrong and strained something. There’s no swelling that I can see.

My plans for the day will be re-arranged. I have a walk that needs to happen, but then I’ll be working from bed, today. Which is preferable anyway. I think rest and being off his leg will heal this. But any spare anything would be appreciated. I’ll be over here snuggling my puppy and reminding myself that favoring one leg is not a sign that a disk has ruptured. (I know what that looks like; mostly it involves screaming, which is not happening)


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