Expectations, Disappointments, Detachment — a follow up.


We’re in the process of re-arranging the living room in our house, to utilize the space better. It’s going to take time, and work, but the space that They on at the moment is very much temporary. I’m not even sure that the surface area will be the same (though it might be, and if so, there will be a cloth in the works, too).

All in all, I think this worked out of the best. Something to remember for the future maybe, Jo. Sometimes expectations falling through allow for something else better to happen.

Now to actually maybe start using the space and offering Them hospitality.

“If you wanted to go somewhere, to see puja done in a temple space, I’d go with you,” Beth said when I got home today. “I’ll even call and get information first,” she said, as I told her that, indeed, there are two possible places in our city.

Lakshmi is infiltrating Beth’s consciousness. Look at my shock.


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