It’s been two years since Corbie was diagnosed with CHF. Every single day is precious.

Even when he hogs the bed.

Even when he snores so loud I wake up.

Even when he tries to gas me out of the bed.

Even when he face-dives for any and all medicine that gets dropped on the floor, and thus giving us heart attacks as we dive to reach them first. (We dole out meds over the sink now. Thanks, dog.)

Even when he jumps onto the table and drinks my tea.
He’s not healthy — but he has no idea. 🙂


I didn’t think we’d see two years, after. I thought this summer was gonna be the end — and that stomach bug really tuckered him out. That was scary. There were a few days he couldn’t barely stand, never mind walk. But he has no idea he’s ill.

Happy Fuck You Heart Failure Anniversary, Corbie1!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Widdershins says:

    There are hearts and then there are HEARTS!!! 😀

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