Hail Poseidon of the Growing Things!


I’m realizing that we’re just about into February, and January has all but flown by. Part of this has been me dealing with a back flare-up, but part has also been being online more, and inside more. My hours at my day job mean I’m inside during the daylight hours, so I’m not really noticing a whole lot of the growing of things outside. I haven’t noticed the camellia blooming, and I haven’t noticed snowdrop flowers, and I’m not sure if I just missed them or if they weren’t as obvious or what. I feel a bit of out of time, because of it, and it’s . . . weird.

I stepped off the bus at my stop yesterday and was almost hit in the face with this blossom. I’m not even seeing crocuses coming up, but this flowering currant tree doesn’t care. So I took some time to spend with Poseidon of the Growing Things. I sat with the sun on my face, and my bare feet on the ground, and tried to not be too grateful that I wasn’t digging out from snow. Friends and family are dealing with the after effects of a blizzard. I’m saying good-bye to winter and hello spring.

And then a neighbor’s cat came ’round to trill at me and flirt. I’m telling you, Poseidon has a cat thing.

Hail, Beloved — and thanks for the flowers.


2 thoughts on “Hail Poseidon of the Growing Things!

  1. Yay! Hail Poseidon of the growing things!

    I kind of miss the very early spring of the west coast. But I also know that that climate is not meant to be here in Ontario!
    Actually, today, things are very melty when they should be cold and icy and sunny. :S

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