New video is up!

In which I mostly flip through a new book while talking at the camera. Also, some general babble.


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  1. Silence says:


    In practice I’ve found that the clear, obvious distinctions between streams (hee) isn’t always evident. There are certainly individuals and families that very strongly identify as (typically) either Saiva or Vaishnava but the collection of Who is worshiped in any household depends on lots of factors, including personal choice. I’ve found considerably less distinctive sectarian identity amount Shaktas but that element is certainly there (and has as much to do with regional/ethnic identity as anything else). My observation has been that what sect an individual might fall into has somewhat less to do with their professed ishta-devata (their chosen and preferred) and perhaps more with their core philosophical ideas – but this observation never substitutes for one’s articulated identity.

  2. Silence says:

    (But of course, the Mother is infinitely playful in my life and so I’ve learned to take a rather softer approach to the idea of categories. And here I always thought that Loki and Maa had nothing in common. ❤ )

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