New images for Poseidon’s shrine

I’ve made some additions to my Poseidon shrine since I recorded the shrine tour for the YouTube paganchallenge. Two of the images I had coming my way did not end up working out, alas, but one did, and is sitting on the wall next to my Matsya print, and it just looks . . . well, it’s just pretty. Here, see?


The Matsya print is the one I bought back in November, and had hanging out in the house for a month before I finally hung it on the wall, whereby it fell off the wall, shattered the frame, and taking wee  Poseidon’s  hand with it. *shakes fists at picture* So of course it then hung out in the house for another month before I finally purchased another (lighter/not-glass) picture frame to hang it in. Not my favorite frame, but if it falls again, there’s less danger to the animals, and that’s the top priority, really.

I’m pleased to have the image there. This is the representation I have for Vishnu-with-Poseidon.

The ocean image, which really could be Any Beach, Anywhere, is a print of an image the photographer took at Salisbury State Beach in Massachusetts. It’s not quite where I met Him; it’s maybe a quarter of a mile down the beach from where I met Him, but it’s damn close, and that works for me. Really, that stretch of beach looks a heckuvalot like that, anyway. I met Him it night; I didn’t even think to look for a night image. Maybe I’ll do that, next.

Visual additions are hard for me.  I tend to have to get used to one for months before I can add another; the visual stimulation is difficult to deal with. In the last month we’ve added Eyes of the Night by Paolo Domeniconi, because the feline in the image reminds us of Grim, and speaks to us of how his influence has expanded since his transition. I’ve added the Matsya print, I’ve got the beach print on the wall, and I have a Ganesh print for the will-be-a-shrine, waiting for me to get that shrine ‘on’, and I have Vishnu and Lakshmi prints winging their slow, s-l-o-w way to me. So, while it may seem like something small, I’m actually kinda pleased with myself in this. And more, I’m pleased with the way the shrine looks. Hooray!!


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