Vixen is back! And it’s almost my weekend!

So many plans for this weekend — primarily, though: writing and editing. Editing of material and editing of videos and hopefully the recording of new videos.

Offerings to Vishnu-with-Poseidon have grown comfortable enough that I think I can start adding spoken prayers to the mix.

Everyone’s posting about the blizzard back east, combined with my new manager’s vocabulary (she’s originally from the Cape. Yes, THE Cape. Clearly there is only one in the world) has me homesick for New England. Also, the sea. Gods, do I want to live by the sea.  Which won’t happen by moving back east. Aaaaargh. Moot point anyway; moving is not in the future at this point in time.

It’s silly to miss that trapped in because of snow feeling — it’s not like I go out much for anything beyond work, but still. Still. It’s different. When the world *stops* because of it, and it’s just . . . I miss winter. I just *do*.

And I admit that I only find it attractive in the scenario wherein we are both working from home, and going out into it is not necessary.

Decluttering also is happening. The cleaning out and re-organizing for our cupboards and living space is an ongoing project for me this year. The goal: to make our 700 square feet meet the needs of both of our at-home businesses (yeah, mine’s only part time still) while providing us with living and worship space.  We need to get a futon and find a place to put it in the living room; we need to carve out some Jo space and possibly relocate my shrines to that space so I can have a comfy, tucked away space to worship privately when needed. We’ll create a fake wall with shelving and a book case — I already have a nook cleared out, I just need to eventually get a table or desk that will serve. This weekend’s project is to clear out the dining table chairs that we stopped using ages ago because they make my back hurt (dangling feet, you know) and have converted into needed catch-all holders. (Because we need more shelving for store stuff). I’m getting my hands on a shelving unit this weekend or next, hauling those chairs out, decluttering our countertop, and will call it good for this weekend. Eventually we’ll get to the poor cupboards.

And videos. And writing! Two more sections will hopefully mean just two more sittings, and WWC will be finished. Woohooo!!




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