Today is a holding pattern day

Incense  and prayers to Poseidon (though let me be clear here: prayers to Poseidon this morning – and most mornings — look and sound more like ‘I love You I love You thank You so much I love You I love You baskbaskbask’ than anything else fancy), then incense to Vishnu-with-Poseidon, and then tea for Poseidon. This is a first and last approach that is not going to smoke me out of the house first thing. (Am delicate flower).

I did get up earlier today than I had been, and I’m hoping to keep that trend up. There are elements to worship I want to incorporate, and until I get comfortable doing them, I’ll want privacy, which means getting up earlier. So I’m definitely more muddled-headed than typical for the morning. (Typical is already pretty muddled-headed, for the record.

The computer situation should be resolved in the next week, so I’ll be getting back to writing, and also learning to play with my editing software for videos. I’ve got another project in the wings, video wise, so that’s exciting. I’m itching to get back to When Worlds Collide, though, let me tell you.

I also have books coming my way. Well, book. And prints that should be here in the next week! And I anticipate forgetting all about the Vishnu and Lakshmi prints in tim for their arrival, so that’ll be a nice surprise!


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