Today, Vishnu received incense, too.

I’m over-thinking things. I know I am.

Do I treat You as seperate and distinct? You say, ‘Maybe I’m also Vishnu,’ and my mind wants to understand this in a tied-down way. I want a graph, I want a visual diagram, I want classifications that resemble taxonomy. My mind is already striving to shove this into a pattern. I have this neat story in my mind about how Poseidon is an incarnation of Vishnu who got tired of people, got depressed, wanted to be alone for a bit, and went on vacation to the Mediterranean.  It’s a neat story, and I enjoy it, but it’s also just a story, because how can we really understand Their reality in its fullness?

So, when I was struggling with this yesterday, and struggling by getting what I needed to get the print up so I could have it on my wall, staring me in the face during my devotions, and I was holding on to my fears, and I was waiting for the bus, it was not Poseidon who asked, “Why are you so fearful?”, but rather Krishna. And I over-think. Was it really, or was it a projection of my mind? Was it really, or was it just because I’d been reading about Him? Was it really, or was it one of the Krishna underling type People, because gods are busy, and why would I merit His attention? If it was, really, and if Poseidon and Vishnu overlap enough that Poseidon says, ‘also Vishnu’ to it (without my even asking mind you, because I was not expecting this!), and Krishna is an avatar of Vishnu’s . . . then, so was it Poseidon wearing a different face? Am I now at a place where I warrant that sort of treatment because I’m so caught up in the struggle??

I came away from that, after the crying and sitting with these minute shatterings that are happening within my heart and my soul, deciding that the easiest way at the moment to deal with this is to treat Them as all distinct. Or, you know. In my mind, it’s easy to hold overlap between Vishnu and Poseidon, and between Vishnu and Krishna, but really hard between Krishna and Poseidon.

I came home thinking about formality. I was reminded rather forcefully that ritual does good things for me, and that I’ve been  not really doing anything towards that since my leg started acting up in 2014, and it’s a lot better now, and so, hey. I’m starting to look forward to getting the shrine space officially opened for Durga and Vishnu and Lakshmi and Ganesh. I angst a bit about that —  I want to incorporate things They like and that are familiar to Them — but I’m going to be a Poseidon devotee also offering Them reverence. So, I’m going to worry less about doing it 100% correct ,and I’m going to get back to what I know — which is that if I make a mistake, They’ll let me know, and in the meantime, maybe just enjoy the getting to know e/Each other phase.

I’ve decided that I will approach worship a bit more formally than I do, at the new shrine when it’s up. I’m not starting out with bells and whistles. (Well, maybe bells.) I do want to do an ‘official opening’ of it (is it an instillation if there are no icons, just images?) and when I tried to put my foot down about chants (“I’m  not doing any non-English chanting!”, which was supposed to mean, no chanting, I’ll mess it up and make a fool of myself!  ) Poseidon jumped on that loop-hole like whoa. ‘Okay. Only in English, that’s fine.’ Ergh.

For this morning, Vishnu received incense, too. Informally, in the same manner than Poseidon gets it in the morning, and Vishnu-at-Poseidon’s-shrine will be treated to the same degree of informality as Poseidon is, to get this connection between Them into a comfortable place in my mind and my approach. Vishnu-at-the-other-shrine will be treated to more formality.  So far, so good.

I need a drink 😉


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  1. Silence says:

    I think the introduction of an image into a shrine could be called an installation. Traditionally the materials that proper deity images are made of include earth, stone, gemstone, metal, paint (on paper I’m assuming), and mental images. Tradition aside, you’re doin just fine. 😉 (But you don’t need me to tell you that. I’m glad things/feelings are moving forward.)

    1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

      I do appreciate your support in all this. I’ve gathered a few images, and I have more on the way, but I was informed that I maybe shouldn’t wait until they’re here to get started. Once I picked up the image for Ganesh, it seemed. . . time? So, going to focus on getting that done soon-ish. Like, before another month passes.

  2. The ‘are you the same as the other one and if so how’ dilemma has been appearing on several of the blogs I follow recently. I’m not sure if it will help you at all, but this post and the associated comments gave me some food for thought, and makes an interesting read.

  3. If it helps, while I have a full booklet at home on how to do a Siva puja, typically I just do a basic ritual that is familiar to me but give offerings that Siva and family likes (honey, milk, sandalwood, water etc)…and ringing a bell at the beginning of praying to him to attract his attention. I know with Vishnu there is a mixture of sugar and grain that is used as a sort which is both offered to the deity and eaten by devotees..the recipe is pretty simple from what I recall and should be easy to look up. I don’t recall other offerings offhand although the I remember that there was a certain emphasis on the blowing of the conch shell. Otherwise, for myself, I have pretty much dropped a lot of the structure elements since I determined to worship Siva through Apollon (even if on a separate shrine) and so to approach to the subject of ritual in a way that is familiar to me while giving the gods what they like.

  4. Lis says:

    I want to write something succinct about overlapping edges and how one face of Him might bleed more into another face of Him, but less so into another, based on Who extends from Whom. Hence the reason Poseidon-Vishnu feels more understandable than Poseidon-Krishna. But I’m having trouble finding the correct words. Something like that.

  5. Soli says:

    For some reason it didn’t hit me until this post that some of your Poseidon and Vishnu “stuff” reminds me some of the brain bending syncretizations and aspects which happen with Netjer. That can get reaaaaally fun…

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