#ytpaganchallenge week 3 – Shrine Tour video

I’m offering fair warning now: it’s shaky. It’s not as shaky as the previous attempts at this video, but the editing software I have access to does not help much with that, and shaky is better (read: less distracting, but not less amusing) than the bobble head effect stabilizing the video had on our Bastet statue. This is a tour of Poseidon’s shrine, and also our Beloved Dead shrine. Bittersweet stories are included.

I’ll be recording a bunch (if the phone co-operates) of videos later today, to get them ready to go. Once the computer comes back to us, I’ll be doing a ton of writing and won’t have time.  Also, I find that I want to *talk* about things, and so. I’m gonna.

I wish I had more time to watch, and to comment, on more videos. I’m beginning to see why some people do VRs instead of commenting in threads though; it’s hard to keep track of where one wrote what.


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