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Update – Worshiping Loki coming soon!

I am so looking forward to this. Yes, yes, I have a hand bound copy of the book (#1, if you must know. Name dropping? Nah. Placement in numbered sequence of collectible books dropping? YES!) but that’s not necessarily the same, and I have to I want bring around and leave behind and give to people copies of this book. Am so wanting this in my hands now, and I really do adore the cover. Devotional offerings, distilled down to their basics. There are devotional polytheists out there who can and do put on elaborate spreads, but it’s the every-day sort of devotions that I’m most interested in, and the cover looks like a peek into one’s daily devotions.

Do want.

The Road, the Walker, and What Comes Next

Remember the fancy handbound books I was offering a while back? That book, Worshiping Loki, is a simple introduction to honoring Loki inside a general polytheist context. I’ve been working hard for the past several months getting this manuscript ready for general distribution and I’m happy to report that I should have the paper copies in my hands in just a couple weeks.

This is not a traditional publication venture so there’s no ISBN or distribution through Amazon or Lulu. I’m handling everything myself in order to deliver a good quality book at a low price. Since this is a very small book (it’s subtitled “A Short Introduction” for a reason) it just makes sense to do it this way.

While privately printing and distributing this book has numerous advantages, the up-front costs are steep. I’ll have to sell half of my original print run just to cover production costs…

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