Touching in: adding, finding, creating fun

We’re just about two weeks into the month, and it might be a good time to see about this finding joy goal of mine.

Writing has slowed down to a crawl. I’ve had to beg off one project I’d agreed to take on, simply because I do not have reliable computer access at the moment. While I have enough material already written that this won’t become a problem until March — and we should have the computer back by then, or replaced — I’m still chomping at the bit, and I may resort to *gasp* handwriting. Writing brings me joy like nothing else, even when I want to tear my hair out, so I need to get back to that, even if writing by hand feels like worse than a waste of time (because I never KEEP what I actually manage to write by hand.)

Not having reliable computer access has led to me picking up pen and writing letters again — and as I have one friend I used to write to all the time, this has been a nice practice to pick up . It’s been a couple of years now since we’d stopped (she because apparently having a baby takes a lot of your time and attention, who knew, and me because, well, because me) and my penmanship has greatly suffered, so it’ll be nice to get back into that habit. Taking time to sit and write has also slowed my mind down a wee bit — that frantic domoregofasterdoitallnow!!! at least, and that’s good. I’m contemplating returning to a morning pages practice.

Still haven’t found a knitting project to pick up. I have socks cast onto needles already, and some fingerless gloves that are halfway through the first glove, and they’ve been sitting on said needles for months, if not longer, and I feel I should finish those first? Except I’m bored with them and don’t wanna. I want a cowl, but  by the time I finish it, I won’t need it until next year, and also, I don’t wanna go yarn shopping. Waaah.

I have five prints making their way to me, a treat to myself out of my  part time job funds. Two by Lykeia (I still want to get a smaller image of her Aphrodite Rising, but I had to have her Domestic Harmony of Aphrodite and Hera, given Their hand in helping me make myself okay in my marriage, and then of course I had to get a copy of her Poseidon, because, um. Poseidon.) I picked up a print of the beach where I met Poseidon, which I’ve been wanting to have for a while, and I’ve also got a prints of Vishnu and Lakshmi on their (eventual) way to me.  The last thing I feel I need/want to have before I set up a worship place for Vishnu and Family is an image or figure of Ganesh. Because I’m going to have Durga, Vishnu, and Lakshmi all as prints or other wall-placed things, I sort of have my eye on a wee Ganesh figurine, so we’ll see.

I’m excited about the prints. The wall space above Poseidon’s shine has been empty for years; I want that Matsya image back up, and then these other two or three to join them.

The YT pagan challenge has been interesting, thus far. I’m not commenting on nearly as many videos as I would like, as typing comments on the phone is even more frustrating than writing by hand. I’m watching a ton, and just enjoying them so very much. I’m glad to see other polytheists taking part.  Making videos has been  joyful in an interesting way, in that I’m surprised that I’m enjoying talking about myself. I’m contemplating doing an exploration of the thoughts, feelings, experiences, readings, musings of this whole Vishnu thing via that medium, rather than here (or possibly, and more likely, in both places) because having somethnig to do that is less type-y reliant can’t be a bad thing? I dunno. We’ll see.

I wish I knew how to keep up with comments and discussions better on YouTube than I do. I seekritly wish someone would do playlists of each week’s videos for the entire challenge, so they’d be easier to find. And don’t think I haven’t thought about doing that myself.


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