#ytpaganchallenge week 2

In which I talk about being out as a pagan. There may be babble.


Week 1 videos from other people which I’ve enjoyed watching have been from MoonWaters & ForestPaths. This one was long, but it felt like a conversation rather than a video, and the antics of her cats — mostly audible, with some video-bombing — was distracting in that good distracting aw cats! way. I was much amused by the alarming thumps and thuds. It sounded like the house was about to come down around her ears, and she didn’t bat an eye! It was awesome, and made me feel right at home. 😉  Aside from the cats, I love long talky videos, and I’m super excited about her path, even if it looks nothing like mine, and super inspired at her willingness to share with us.

Another one that I really enjoyed was from Mearna KitchenWitch. Her enthusiasm when speaking of Gaia made me tear up a bit, I won’t lie. And here’s the thing about me and other religious people — and maybe non-religious people who have some sort of calling: I get super excited for others when they are on fire about something, when there’s that thing that makes their whole being come alive, when I can hear and feel and see their passion just in their talking about something. I get as excited-for and happy about people lighting up for their love of their god/s, as I do for people lighting up over projects. This is a huge part of why I throw myself into interfaith spaces (at least online. In person? The space I want to throw myself into is my home), to remind myself that we all have something we care about, that we love, that brings us joy. I want to encourage that joy, and remember that that joy is, and I have zero interest policing or picking apart the joy people manage to find.

I also liked Anni’s vid, but that goes without saying. Anni has been a mentor since the first video of hers I watched. Her sharing of herself found me at a time when I desperately needed to be reminded of the diversity within paganism (I love that devotional polytheism is a thing, but looking at only that particular cross section of the blogging world was not good for me), and through our contact, I’ve received a number of priceless tools to put in place going forward, to fall back on when compassion for other pagans becomes difficult. Watch her videos. All of them. No, really.

Estara T’Shirai I’ve known for forever. (Like, forever. Like, I knew her before I knew Beth, pretty sure) and it was SUPERCOOL to discover she’s gonna play along.

Last, but not least: Beth made a video! Actually she’s made two! Watch them!

There are more — so many more, and I haven’t watched nearly all of them. Still super excited about this project!





4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anni says:

    I need to be sure I’ve seen these! I am so glad you are participating. Always good to learn more about what makes a friend so beautifully who they are.

    1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

      I’m so glad *you* are participating, Anni! People need to hear what you have to share. You continually make me excited about being pagan, and about the diversity that we have, and I love love love, so much, the way you encourage people to embrace what they come knowing, and to honor their experiences. I hear you in my head all the time, saying those words, and it reminds me to consider that, and to consider that for other people, and it has really, truly helped me remain engaged with empathy and compassion. I will treasure that gift for the rest of my life. So, thank you. And YAY you!!

  2. Stevie Miller says:

    I started typing a response to you about how I just can’t bring myself to talk about the broom closet and that’s why I can’t do these videos even though I want to. As I typed it, I realized that I’m *dying* to tell my story, so much that it’s exploding out of me at every little opportunity. I may yet end up joining the video challenge… *quivers in fear*

    I think it’s awesome that you’re doing these videos, and I really like the pet tour idea! Right before you sad it, I was having the thought “If I ever do these videos, I should do one with Bedivere!” (my bearded dragon). Also videos showing like, shrines/altars, ritual setups, tool making, outdoor areas that are special to you, all of those would be awesome!

    Personally I don’t think you have to worry about using the phone versus using the computer. The message gets across either way, and besides, there’s people who shoot movies on iPhones and all that.

    1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

      Do it! Keep them unlisted and share as you choose. ;

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