2016 is a off to a bumpy start!


Beth’s experiencing technical difficulties with her computer (read: liquid and electronics don’t mix), so my computer has been co-opted to keep her shop going. Happily, we have the wee netbook, so while the situation isn’t ideal for either of us, she can keep working, and so can I.

Or, I could, if I could sit long enough for computer work.

I have a bad back. Long time readers will know that, last November I inflicted long term injury with an ill-fitting pair of boots. Repeated injury due to poor body mechanics combined with this new injury to introduce debilitating and chronic pain. I’ve only been free of sciatica pain for a few months, and I’ve been so careful.

Apparently, back strain and sciatica flare ups can be brought about by premenstrual cramping — which, while more commonly occurring in the abdomen, can happen in the back and thighs. Who knew? I knew on Thursday that my back was unhappy. Friday I could not stand up.

I’m grateful that I know my limits, and I’m grateful that I know what to do for my injuries. I’m grateful for Beth, who has been awesome at helping me rest and heal. I’m grateful that, though I’m not writing like I want to be, neither am I falling behind.

I miss my morning devotional. I’ve been skipping tea because I haven’t been able to be up long enough to drink it, and I’ve not been doing prayers at the shrine because standing has only started to be a thing today. (And I’ve over done it).

Prayers have been happening; it’s the change in routine that, now that I’m feeling better-enough, I restless about.

I know I’ll be going to work and coming home to recover for the rest of my work week, and that’s frustrating. (I already losing enough time to the day job!!) But I’m grateful that healing is happening.



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  1. Argh! I’m glad healing is happening, at least. {{gentle hugs}}

  2. Alex says:

    If you want bad back tips, just lemme know–been dealing with mine forever.

    1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

      Am always open to more ideas.

      Currently – well, not _currently_ – there are various asanas and stretches I do to help keep injuries away. (Mostly gentle twists, plank, careful inversions, general and gentle core focused stuff) And heat. And being careful with posture. Am grateful that I don’t have a sit down job, for sure!

      This is a reminder that it’s a good idea to work a more dedicated yoga practice back into my life. That was on hold during the last year.

      1. Alex says:

        Yeah, yoga and stretching helps me a lot. Do you have a donut cutout or sacral cushion to sit on? Takes the pressure off the sacrum and that in turn relieves pressure on the unhappy nerves. Learning how to get out of bed in the right way helps, too, as does a pillow between the knees when sleeping and propping oneself with pillows and cushions when sitting.

        Also, I like the big guns. Steroid injections in my back take the inflammation of the nerves down to almost nothing and thusly leaves me with no leg pain from nerve shit, and Meloxicam is a great medication too–once a day versus every few hours-and it has totally changed the level of nerve and inflammation pain.

        Back pain is the worst, though. When it’s bad, I wish to just sleep til it’s not.

        1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

          I don’t have a doughnut cushion; that’s the one aid I keep forgettin about until I’m at the point where the only place it’s not painful to sit Iis on the damn toilet. So, that will be acquired at some point soonish.

          I’m in the process of training myself to sleep differently. I was a stomach sleeper until the leg injury happened. Now I’m mostly on my side. I can’t sleep on my back without causing headaches, but being propped sort of on side with a pillow at my back and at my stomach helps. I know having a bed frame would help, but that’s waiting until having a small dog with a bad back is no longer a factor.

          I’ve got Meloxicam and Percocet, depending on where I’m at. This is nowhere near where I’ve been, painwise, and I’m grateful.

          Nerve pain is stupid. I maintain that reminder bursts of pain every 12 hours would be sufficient. None of this bullshit constant crap. Surely that’s poor energy use on the body’s end?

          Wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy; I’m sorry you deal with it, too. And thanks!

  3. Lis says:

    I’m wishing you better and a much happier back soon! I’m sorry you’re having a rough start to the year. 😦

    1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

      It’s cool; it’s already less painful than last january! (Distaction email might help, tho. *coughcough*)

      1. Jolene Poseidonae says:


      2. Lis says:

        Erm. Well. I suck? *hunkers off somewhere dark and secluded*

        So, I haven’t quite finished writing back. My mood sucks, and I’m confused about some stuff, and you’ll end up with a mile long rant in your inbox that has nothing to do with our actual conversation, if I’m not careful and I let the mood take over.

        Poor Beth gets rants from me now and again. She’s a saint about it. You don’t want my bitching rants, I promise!

        I actually just keep rereading your email, and then I ponder how much I like you as a person, and then I wander off to continue moping.

        1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

          Seriously no pressure. And rant away as needed. Sitting is still iffy for me so responses may take a bit anyway. I’m sorry the mood is craptacular, though.

        2. Jolene Poseidonae says:

          And you don’t suck! I meant my comment to be funny, nothing more 😉

          1. Lis says:

            Don’t worry, I liked your comment! It made me grin! 😀

            (And it’s all right about the mood. It happens sometimes.)

  4. Widdershins says:

    I’m fairly sure prayers work lying down too … if not, I’m so screwed! 😀

    1. Jolene Poseidonae says:


  5. lucywriteson says:

    I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well (but glad things are improving!)
    I, too, have felt before the keen sting of “OH CRAP, NOT ON THE COMPUTER!!” 😛 Given how often people eat and drink at their computers, I really think they should make them a little more resilient!

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