Quotes on Vishnu

Recording so I have them somewhere. I’d say I’d record them in my Letters to Poseidon book/journal thing, and maybe I will, but here is good, too. Plus, sharing.

“In Indian mysticism, which has a genius for clothing the Infinite in human form, Vishnu embodies the source of beauty and order in creation. His body is the dark blue of limitless space, and the galaxies hang from his neck like innumerable strands of jewels. His four arms show that he holds sway over the four quarters of the world. His are the qualities that draw forth love: forgiveness, beauty, and a tender compassion for all creatures.” — Eknath Easwaran, Thousand Names of Vishnu

I articulate thoughts like I did yesterday, and I feel frustrated and overwhelmed, and completely ill-prepared and (irrationally, perhaps) sorely used. Definitely not-best-pleased.

“Vishnu is also God the protector, who rescues humanity in time of need, and supports and strengthens us from within when other resources  fail.” –Eknath Easwaran, Thousand Names of Vishnu

Then I come across things like this, and I’m reminded, oh, oh, right, yes. This One whom I love more than all things, He is the One who is leading me to these places, and there is then such tender willingness to be led. Part of my mind wants to hold on to that completely ill-prepared and sorely used sensation, because when we delve into language of compassion and love and . . . steadfastness, I falter. I falter, because these are not traits that people associate with Poseidon. I’ve known for years that these are not traits people associate with Poseidon — especially the compassion. Except, you know, people do. I’m people. Other devotees of His who have talked about compassion and Poseidon are people. Others who are not devotees but who interact with Him and talk about His interest in compassion are people, also. So who are these supposed people who don’t associate these things with Him, and why do they matter, again, in what I’m doing, where I’m going?

Oh, yeah. They don’t.

But the compassion, and the yoga, and the awareness . . . these things together, in the way that they  are presented together, and now with Vishnu, I’d be lying if I said I don’t struggle. “Are You really, really Poseidon? Why give me that name if that’s not correct?” Why insist that it’s not correct, or even possibly not as-correct as I’ve assumed, when He says, “I’m Poseidon.”

Bottom line: Poseidon is my lens. I’ll understand Vishnu the same way I understand all the Others who are important to Him. My understanding of Hekate is through Poseidon. My understanding of Apollon is through Poseidon. My understanding of the world is through Poseidon. Why should this be different?

I press into the excitement of having come across these two quotes just after having written yesterday’s post, and I look to see if there’s fear or resentment or whatever else there might be. There’s not. I’m in love. Does the language bug me a bit? Yeah. Is that going to stop me? Hardly.



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