“How Can I Subscribe?”

First: thanks for your interest in my story subscription. This project was borne out of necessity: I was faced with a dental bill I had no hopes of being able to cover on my own. Desperation combined with enthusiastic encouragement proved to be the exact combination I needed in order to take my writing seriously. Sad? Maybe, but there it is. Writing for my own sake to maybe publish at some point? Meh, I’m not REALLY a writer. . . (telling myself that that was bullshit did little good. Having people sign up, and pay for months in advance, when the only caveat I gave was that the writing would be previously unpublished material and that they would see it first?  Kind of an confidence booster that can’t be easily argued away).

People have asked, and I realize that I haven’t made finding information about how the subcription works all that easy. So, without further ado:

Things You Need to Know

  • You can subscribe via Patreon. A $10-per-month pledge will grant you a story or story installment (let’s face it, it’s likely going to be a story installment) of no less that 4,000 words, delivered to your in-box on the 15th of each month. (There are additional options if you are so inclined, please visit my Patreon page for more details).


  • You can subscribe via Paypal. If you want to pay for multiple months at one time, you’d use Paypal. If you only want to pay for a month at a time, you can use either service. Please send paypal to bluedolfyn at yahoo dot com, and no, I don’t have a preference.


  • Because there are perks to pledging more than the $10 subscription fee, if you sign up through paypal and you are paying more than $10, I need to know what you’re paying for.  Is that $50 for five months of story installments, or is that $50 getting you the chance to name a character, a future post topic, and a sub-plot in a future story? So, when paying via paypal, please leave a comment letting me know what’s what.


  • I write pagan-friendly fiction. Okay, yeah, so, duh. There is magic, and there is a blending of worlds, and sometimes it’s here and now, and sometimes it’s not  here and now. Gods and spirits are often characters. Finding home and first contact are my favorite themes.


  •  I write novella length stories, generally, so most stories will span at least four or five months. You can opt in at any time while the story is live, but once the final installment has gone out you cannot purchase the back log. I haven’t yet figured out the best way to deal with this through Patreon, so if you are coming along while a particular story is live, the best way is to pay through Paypal and leave a comment with your payment as to what you are paying for.


Things I Need To Know

  • Your preferred email address.
  • Your preferred file format. Right now you have your choice between .epub, .mobi., or .PDF. There is no print option at this time.


About the Upcoming Subscription 

When Worlds Collide* is the first of three novellas (possibly short stories) centering around three of Loki’s offspring. It began as a promise of a vague story-gift in return for help finding something that was lost. Loki delivered, and I’ve tried getting a story out for Loki since. It wasn’t until I shifted my focus from Loki to His kids that the story just sort of unfurled into  its full splendor. I’m Odin’s as much as I’m Poseidon’s, and as such, Loki is a beloved Power in my religious landscape. I have less than no patience with people who want to plug-and-play with  Loki and the Christian Devil — our gods are complex, and they can be beyond our ken, and sometimes that which is not good for the status quo needs to go, damn it.

When Worlds Collide centers around Hest — though you might know him better as Sleipnir — fresh off the Hunt, and eager to relax and unwind. Which would be possible, if his brothers (pardon me, half-brothers) wouldn’t go picking fights with one-armed king-gods over past grievances. Never mind the mortal woman whose life he’s upended just by trying to save her. It’s bad enough that his family’s problems spilled over into her life –literally– but once Loki decides to play match maker, it’s all over.

Will Meliah be spooked by his the chaos his family brings, or will her attraction to him provide the bolster she needs to deal with their meddling? Will she forgive him for the unasked for adventure . . . or the damage to her apartment?


Interested in reading more? You can find excerpts for When Worlds Collide* here, and also here.

*The name is likely to change.




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lis says:

    Should I send a message through Patreon with the preferred email address and file format? Or should I email you with that information?

    1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

      Either way works. I’ll look out for it!

  2. Beth says:

    Reblogged this on Wytch of the North and commented:
    In which Jo answers all your questions about how to sign up for the Story Subscription, and discusses her upcoming story, When Worlds Collide–featuring Loki and His kids! The spotlight is on Sleipnir, aka Hest, in this one, and believe me, you won’t want to miss it, so get signed up before January!

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