Little Rummer Dog

Some horrible singing, maybe, but this is a treasure we’ll keep, forever, because reasons. I no longer live in fear of regretting not having recording this. Thank you, Lu, for making it better than I could have planned.


10 thoughts on “Little Rummer Dog

        • Oh we were TOTALLY upstaged, and who could say otherwise? Her Ladyship is generous and kind, and dazzling. I love that she joined in, I really wasn’t expecting it, and we have a bit of her singing and then yawning mid-meow like she does all the time, and it’s recorded!!! YAY!!

          (She’s a talker, is our Lu)

  1. I commented on this over at Beth’s blog, but I wanted to leave a note here, too. I loved this video! Kudos to you and Beth for making it. It looked like lots of fun, plus Luna was an adorable, delightful surprise when she made her sneak appearance into the background.

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