Simply having a wonderful Christmas time . . .

In the next coming days I’ll post a bit more about how you can participate in my story subscription program, if you are so inclined. I’ll post a bit about another project that’s in its planning stages. I’ll post a bit about my plans for 2016, and I’m sure I’ll post a look back at 2015.  I want to talk about some of  my favorite discoveries, reader-wise, of 2015, I want to talk about Poseidon’s relationship with Vishnu and my growing relationship with Vishnu. I want to talk about fears, insecurities, tornado-brain, the awesomeness of dogs, and a whole host of other things.

Today I simply want to get through the last shopping weekend before Xmas.

For some reason, people have not seemed as  rabid has they typically have.  It is still retail hyped up on crack, don’t get me wrong — but people seem more patient over-all with the whole experience. Like, of course there is a huge line, there are thirty people trying to check out at the same time; even with five registers going it’s gonna be a minute. (Like, a Philly minute, which for those not in the know, is the opposite of a New York minute). For all that the aggressive “Merry Christmas”es have been happening, it’s been far fewer, and one of the most impatient and wouldn’t-let-me-finish-my-responses-to-their-questions interaction was with a Jewish woman looking for Hannukah merch — which yes, the Christmas sprawl and the being a minority religion are both annoying, I get it, but no, I’m not responsible, and yes, we actually have some, and SHUT UP SO I CAN TELL YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW OMG.

(No. I’m not still holding on to that interaction, why do you ask?)

But overall, people — at least in my area — seem nicer. Better. And I don’t know if this is an actual thing, or  if this speaks to my having more patience with people in general and more innate compassion for the human experience in its myriad varieties, that I maybe didn’t have before. Like, is my compassion muscle getting stronger? Because, I think, maybe. And that’s weird. and neat. But weird.


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  1. Your title …argh! That song needs to diaf. And somebody remade it? Sorry, heard the remake in a store the other day and have been having flashbacks to my days in foodservice when that song played at least hourly from thanksgiving to new years.

    Anyway! I’m glad your holiday season has been more tolerable, whatever the reason. {{hugs,}}

    1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

      I’m sorry! Sort of. Sorry, but in the “misery loves company, why do I have to be alone in this?’ sort of way. You understand.

      There’s one mash-up song they’ve been signing that’s been driving me nuts, and they have a few versions of it. I’m grateful that our piped in music plays the two songs I actually like (We Need A Little Christmas and Little Drummer Boy) even if they refuse to play my favorite versions — and why are so many Little Drummer Boys sans drums? Why??

      There are not enough Christmas songs to necessitate Christmas songs only for this long. It’s gotta be cruel and unusual punishment or something.

  2. People have seemed rather subdued here, too. At least in my area. Maybe it’s the freakin’ weather. (We’re all waiting for it to actually feel like winter.) But I gotta say, the Christmas music drives me nuts. There are just a handful I can hear without sticking my fingers in my ears and singing Metallica to cover it. 😉 You will get through this! Just a few more days.

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