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By now, those of you who are already signed up for my Story Subscription will have received the twelfth, and final chapter in A Marriage of Land and Sea. From the bottom of my heart: thank you. Being able to check this particular story off my to-write list is rewarding for so many reasons. Roern and Charlie have been with me, in one form or another, for over ten years. While the troubles they’re facing aren’t completely over (there are two more books to come), the story of their arranged marriage is, and I couldn’t be happier. I hope you enjoyed the book.

A Marriage of Land and Sea was part of a plan for 2015 that more or less failed. While getting that book written was a success, everything else about my writing plans for the year was not. Of course, it would have helped if I had planned realistically, but that’s neither here nor there. The plan going in was to get aMoLaS and its following books all written by the end of July. Maybe not all written and ready to been by the world, but at least the rough drafts finished. I thought this was reasonable, a reasonable outgrowth of upping my word count every year since 2011, and of participating in NaNoWriMo for the previous two years (‘winning’ the one, and coming close the year previous by stopping at 45k). Let’s never mind that participating in NaNo taught me that I hate writing at that particular pace (though it’s the schedule more than the pace) and never mind that this meant I’d decided I would write 150k in seven months while working full time at one job and part time at a second. And, too, never mind the nonfiction writing – neither the blog posts I write, nor the 20k that I got done on the Sacred Marriage book. Never mind that that sort of writing pace was going to me miserable and thus unlikely to stick to it. I was going to get it done, using A Marriage of Land and Sea as a buffer for the Story Subscription. I was going to get all the writing done and it was going to be spectacular and wonderful and prolific and perfect.

Yeah, see . . . No.

I went into November deciding at the last minute to participate in NaNoWriMo, and I managed 20k on the new book, and realized in the second week that I’d allowed NaNo fever (get the words out, write the words, do it now!!) to distract me from everything I’ve learned about my writing practice, how to make discipline work for me, etc. I’ve had to unruin the story from where I brought it, and it’s taking me a bit longer than I’d like. I’d planned to use NaNo to get the new project (The Midnight Circle – about an insomniac and not entirely human knitting circle, originally going to be a collection of novella-length stories) started, at least . But suddenly I was writing a book, instead of stories, and the pacing was all off, and it was rushed and also not fast enough and just wrong.

I have other things started, and even though the wanting to finish the stories for themselves should be enough motivation for me to stick to them until they are done, what I’m learning is that, having an audience, a real audience and not a hypothetical audience, makes all the difference in my staying on track. Charlie was with me for thirteen years, but it took knowing you were reaing along to get her to the end of that book. So maybe I’d drag McCredie out before you, or maybe I’d revisit Brittany and Thistle –

Except those are both book length books, and I’m jonesing for something a tad shorter. Possibly a bit sweeter. Certainly not so dire. And, I’ve been owing Loki a story for a while . . .

I still don’t have a name for it, but January’s story installment will kick off a brand new story, and while Loki’s proving reluctant to be a main character, Loki will be involved – and so will Loki’s children. I can’t promise you a length – I’m still toying with having two POVs, which will necessitate a longer story than just a short short story. If I had to go on feel (what do you call that, the feeling of the substance and complexity of a story that tells the writer, this may be 5k, it might be 10k, there’s no way it’ll be as little as 30k? Is there a word for that? Am I watching too many old Vlogbrother videos, that I’m looking for words for things?), I’d say this might be as long as Igraine’s Flight, but possibly shorter, and not much longer. So, novella, not novel, not short story. I’ll be posting a sneak peek in the coming days. If you’re curious about my writing, there are places you can got to read some of my stories for free. If you’re interested is subscribing, there’s more information about what that entails here, but for a quick run down:

The subscription is $10 a month. This gets you four thousand words (roughly eight pages of new, previously unpublished material) in .mobi or .epub, direct in your in-box once a month. I accept both Patreon pledges or payment via  (I need to get a button back up on my page. My paypal is bluedolfyn at yahoo dot com) Right now I’m mailing the material out on the 15th, so if the payment hits my paypal before or on the 15th, you will get an installment.

I am incredibly grateful to my subscribers in 2015 for supporting the release of a Marriage of Land and Sea – I don’t know that I’d be happy with getting chapters of books fed to me one at a time for twelve whole months. (I lie. I totally would be. Chapters are noms!) I won’t say never again, but I will say that I’m tired of writing books, bring on the shorter stories! So, if you’re curious and you want to give it a go, now might be the time!

In other news, I’ve got another story collection in the works for release in the coming year. Most of the material will be republications of fiction I’ve already had published, but I won’t say that new original fic won’t find its way into the collection, too. This is one of two that I’m looking at releasing, (re-releasing?) mostly to get my work all together in one place, for my own satisfaction and convenience. More about that as progress is made.

Plans for 2016? Keep writing! I’m staying away from big goals, keeping my mind on what I know works for me, and am just going to enjoy the process.



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