Surrendering can be pretty.

Especially when it comes with this!


I decided, with Poseidon’s help, and the encouragement of both this video here, that I would honor some of what I know about myself. Icons are too difficult, too much commitment to start out with, too much, but not images. Images are okay. Going in, I know I’m going to be offering sporadic, nocturnal, minimalistic worship, and hey let’s just run with that. Once again, Poseidon reminds me that He’s not asking me to be something that I’m not, and so maybe let’s not fall into that trap.

So, a print of that image is its way to me. After a few hours of trying to find a Vishnu image that I really like, and wanting it to be Vishnu and not so much avatar of Him I came back to this. The non-human avatars are my favorite, and this is my most favorite.

I’ve also got a book on puja coming my way, and largely I’m hoping it’s going to get me to calm the fuck down about this. We’ll see. Worst case scenario, at least I have a new book.


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  1. Nerthuschild says:

    What a beautiful image of Vishnu!!!

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