Writing Soundtracks and NaNo babbling

There are a few places I’m lurking during NaNoWriMo, where conversation turns to soundtracks. I’m definitely a writer who uses music to help me block out the world around me so I can more fully deal with the world that I’m trying to share. Sometimes, if a POV character or a scene is giving me a hard time, I’ll seek out a soundtrack first that fits the “feel” of what I’m going for.

My NaNo WIP’s current soundtrack is Hagalaz Runedance‘s Volven, most especially The Dawning, Seeker Divine, Volven, On The Wings of Rapture, and Wake Skadi. Some of the other albums are working their way onto my soundtrack for this book, but mostly, it’s those five, and mostly it’s the first three, and most especially it’s The Dawning. Which is slightly weird for me because The Dawning was totally the soundtrack I was playing while I was writing the hunt scene in The Fairy Queen of Spencer’s Butte.

Igraine’s FlightIGRAINESFLIGHTflatcopy has a much smaller soundtrack — it was written almost exclusively with Dave Mathew’s Band’s Two Step, The Stone, #41, and Halloween playing on loop, and towards the end, exclusively Halloween. In fact, I can’t listen to that song anymore and not  be transported back to the last few scenes — which is sort of cool, actually.


Soundtracks are funny, for me. I actually prefer to writing  without any noise going on around me. For NaNo i try to get up before Beth begins to stir, feed the critters, make a cup of tea, and get in a few hundred words without having to shift through any noise. Once she’s up and moving around, or if I’m trying to write anywhere else, I need the music playing — but I also need specific music not to play. There are some musicians whose work I simply cannot write to. Live is one. Disturbed seems to be another. Disturbed’s music, for me, is a bit like a giant, cozy hug for the eardrums and the brain, and I just cannot be arsed to do anything other than listen. Sometimes I can use it to plot out scenes in my head, but I cannot write to it, usually.

Er, except their Stricken was on loop for chapter 11 of Marriage of Land and Sea.

So, I guess, no hard or fast rules for me.


NaNo is coming along. I’m at over 4k for my word count — my goal is to have 14k by Friday so I don’t have to worry about Saturday. I’ll still likely get some wordage in, but most of the day will be taken up with material acquisition for Beth’s store.

I know that the thrill of writing a new story is going to wear off, and I know that writing every day, by the end of the second straight week, starts to wear on me. I’m hoping that my getting my words in first thing in the morning will help with that, but I’m also hoping that if I pad my word counts up to 2k a day, I’ll be able to afford one day off every week. I know that on my days off from my day job, I like to write a lot more than that — generally I save my writing for those two days, and I manage 8-10k  over two days. So, the task of sitting down and writing 2k in a sitting is not the part that is daunting. It’s the drudgery it becomes by doing it Every. Single. Day. And it’s also getting my brain to process the story fast enough — which is why I keep coming back to this. I get that stories have to sit for a bit, that for me they have to sometimes simmer, and I know that I’d rather wait than have to cut through extra crap that does not work. But I also want to write faster. And yes, I realize that I’ve improved my word counts every year for the last four years. But I still want more. More!!


Speaking of which, I’m late — need to go get some more words in!


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  1. Widdershins says:

    Moreness is good. 😀

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