Igraine’s Flight Release Party! (and a sale!)

My new novella Igraine’s Flight is now out for Kindle! I’d like to thank Juli D. Revezzo once again (probably not for the last time) for her hard, quick work on the cover design (and for holding my hand through not a small number of pre-publication panics and angst!) Also, a huge, HUGE thank you to everyone who supported this project from the very beginning.


From the description: Igraine is being hunted, and it’s only a matter of time before she’s found. Enslaved and enchanted, trapped in her hellhound form by a powerful member of the Wild Hunt, Igraine has spent countless seasons leashed and trapped. When she manages to slip her master’s tether and disappear into the mortal realm, she knows time is against her. Summer is drawing to a close, and when the Hunt begins to gather to ride, she knows her master will force her to heel. If she can get enough distance between them, maybe he won’t have time to come seeking her. If she runs fast enough, far enough, maybe she’ll manage to break free.

Dog rescue and rehabilitation is hard, harrowing, often heartbreaking work, but there’s no denying that Marion is good at what she does. Her reputation for being able to help the hopeless cases is widely known throughout her county, so it’s no surprise when a local vet calls her in to help with the latest rescue. The large dog is unlike any breed Marion’s seen, but that doesn’t stop her from opening her home — and her heart — to the dog in need. Especially once her own pack readily accepts the creature.

Nothing could have prepared Marion for how her life was about to change. . .

. . . or for the naked woman suddenly in her shower.

Together, Marion and Igraine await the growing dark, counting off the days until Yule arrives, when the Wild Hunt runs free, and not even the power of Marion’s claim can keep Igraine safe. Will their commitment to one another be enough to keep Igraine free, or will she be forced to back onto the leash? Will they have found hope within each other only to lose everything?

I am side-eyeing Kobo and NookPress for those of you who are not using Kindle, but that likely won’t happen before January. NaNo is about to happen you understand.

To celebrate the release of Igraine’s Flight, I’ve dropped the price of The Fairy Queen of Spencer’s Butte & Other Tales down to $2.99 through November. Spread the word. Tell your friends. Leave reviews!

I am excite. And now I’m going to party the way we party at my house: I’m going to go take a nap.


3 thoughts on “Igraine’s Flight Release Party! (and a sale!)

  1. Reblogged this on Wytch of the North and commented:
    Jo’s new book is out–wooohoo!! Do yourself a favor and go grab a copy; it’s a very absorbing seasonal read–touching, yet with plenty of suspense. I love her portrayal of the dogs in the story, especially; they are as much characters as the people are, and they will win your heart.

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