More for me than for you — To Do List for NaNo prep

  1. Finish final edits on Igraine’s Flight (56 small corrections to make; why did I not catch this on the first five passes through??) and get that baby uploaded. Definitely Amazon, maybe B&N, I don’t know about Smashwords or Kobo.(edited: right now, just Amazon)
  2. Edit chapter 11 of Marriage of Land and Sea and get that ready to be sent out. Conversion can wait until closer to the due date, but get the bulk of the work done.
  3. Get first installment of We Are Our Stories drafted. Not sure if it’ll go live, and I know that the rest won’t be touched until after November, but this first one is almost all written already, just in my head, so we’ll see?

Monday and Tuesday are my next days off, and my last weekend before NaNo begins. I already know I’ll be AFK on Nov 7th, as Beth and I are having an acquisition day for Beth Wodandis Designs (woot!)

and yes, I did post this for the satisfaction of coming back to strike them through as I complete them. 😉

To my Patreon supporters: I’m hoping that NaNo will generate material to share on my snippets and teasers stream. I realize that I’ve got nothing up there, and I’m sorry, and thank you for your support. Time, you know? I need to find more of it!


5 thoughts on “More for me than for you — To Do List for NaNo prep

  1. Re: item 1, I do not want to proselytize on your blog, but have you heard the Good News of Draft2Digital? 😀 I love them with many hearts and stars, because my brain cannot handle the Smashwords. Just looking at the Smashwords style guide makes me itch (maybe I’m just allergic?)

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