Hi, Durga!

IMG_20150713_101403I’ve dreamt of Durga twice now, in as many days (or one could argue, in one day).  Recording this for my own record, because hey, memory and all that.

The first dream came on the first day of this year’s Navratri (sp), and the dream was simple enough — She looked at me, and I woke up. I have the above mask still sitting by my bedside, waiting proper placement. I want to say things like, this is Her expressing a desire that I get on the ball with that, and maybe it is, except it was such a gentle, sweet, patient, approachable reprimand that I’m hesitant to even call it that.

The second dream, last night, was a bit more detailed. Odd for me, because unless there are Adventurous Things To Accomplish (save the cats! Round everyone up and get them safe from tornadoes/tidal waves!) my dreams generally aren’t so detailed. I was with another worshiper, and we were standing before shrine spaces. There was a big to do regarding donning a veil — a more traditional, lacey sort of veil — and upending large quantities of red wine over figures on the shrine, and sprinkling it about. It was all very messy and wet. I kept putting the veil on wrong, and then I knocked wine over onto the cards the co-worshiper/mentor in how things are to be done was using. The card that I ruined was Death, and it was a very neat card in the dream, built up of mixed media. In my ruining of it, glue came undone and the skeletal part of the figure came apart from the backing, and the dream ended with me trying to fix it. It was understood in the dream that we were worshiping Durga, and a teeny bit the person helping me was Durga but also not.

And then in morphed into reports of giant sinkholes opening up across the world randomly, so that was freaky and I woke up.


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