Starting to park some references … and possibly … vlog?


Reblogging this because getting to peek at the stuff BusyNurseResearch is talking about is *fascinating*, and I suspect that there are people who read my blog for whom this might be relevant.

She posts a VR later on, and article titles and thoughts on said articles, as well — which I want to try to track down and get my hands on.

She’s also a dear, dear friend, so yes, part of this is support. But the majority of this is admiration for the work she’s doing, and the focus her study and teaching has taken.

Busy Nurse Research

My original intent when I started this blog was to use it as a place to “park” references for myself and anyone else who is interested in studying gender and sexual minority health.  Essentially, the idea was to mostly use it as an annotated bibliography of sorts.

So that hasn’t really happened.  At all.  Even a little.

I’m now taking a course in researching rare/hidden groups as part of the LGBT Public Health certificate at Drexel University.  Starting with the readings for that course is probably as good a place as any.  I need to come up with responses to the readings every week, so coughing up an annotated bibliography is how I would generally start with that anyway.

One of the options for actually submitting said reading response, though is to submit a video.  Now, writing responses comes very easily to me.  I do it all the time and…

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