Why you should care about Palmyra

Words are escaping me on this topic. I’ve sat with my Beloved and felt His grief (and rage, oh rage) and it’s . . . I read about refugees dying, drowning in His waters, and I a little bit lose my mind. As Beth says, these gods are not my gods, but also, they are not *not* my gods. I’ve never been one for places that I’m not a part of. I don’t emotionally connect with the idea of holy pilgrim sites, because there is no place that speaks to my spirit that way — I have no drive or desire to see any of Poseidon’s temple ruins. Man-made structures simply do not do “it” for me . . . And yet, I’m watching this unfold, and there is unspeakable horror, terror, and heartbreak that washes through me. These temples were never mine, and they haven’t been in use in how long, and still, as a polytheist, it touches me. It touches all of us.

I will not allow myself to become numb to this growing terror. I will not allow myself to look away. I feel like we’ve slipped into WWIII and no one else has noticed. Would Hitler’s campaign have looked similar to this, if it had happened now? I fear it would have.


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