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Admin note: I’ll be scarce around here for a bit.

I’m using the rest of August to get the last of my outside-my-work obligations wrapped up, so that I can take September and October to get my own writing projects wrapped up before November hits. I’m on the fence regarding NaNoWriMo (though, let’s face it; I’ll likely participate). Not staying on top of where I am in regards to how I feel about how I’m working on projects, has helped said projects gather weight, which detracts from the fun. Making up stories should be fun, even if the writing is not always exactly easy. A Marriage of Land and Sea is a mere three chapters from being finished, and it’s sat there for months. Months. Partially, I know, because this particular set of characters have been with me for years, and I’m afraid of saying good-bye, but mostly simply because I’ve allowed it to.

I want to get it wrapped up. I want to get on to other stories. I want to get on to the next book in the series. I want to stop sabotaging myself into making writing miserable. I love this story, and it deserves the best I have to offer, damn it.

So, I’m taking a sabbatical. I can’t actually do a writer’s retreat, but I’m unplugging email, and I’m staying off social media. Anything that is not writing, research, or business related will be put on hold until this is done. I appreciate your support and your cheering me on.

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