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I Speak to My God in Silence, but I am Not Silent.

I did not realize that this was a thing.

Not only do I rarely speak with Poseidon out loud with actual words, I also mostly do not “speak” internally with words consistently. Words, language, those frustratingly inaccurate and limited symbols for meanings, are so often . . . well, inadequate and limiting. I do not need words to make my communication with Poseidon real and of this world; the fact that He is and I am and w/We are is enough for me. I don’t believe that Poseidon (a non-human being) needs words and, more, needs them in English of all things, in order for our communication to be. Human language is for the humans. It’s awesome — I *love* words — but it’s for the humans.

Foxglove & Firmitas

Disclaimer: If there is one moment where you can point to this blog and say “And this is where Camilla stepped off the edge with complete faith in her God to catch her; this is it.” (Because you speak with semi-colons rolling off your tongue in my version of the story.)

This, my friends, is the point of no return. This is where I start to shoot off at the mouth (or fingers) about what I’ve learned and been given to work with. As a note, I’m going to try to come back and actually cite things and provide sources, but since this is really just me babbling I may have to follow up with a more, uh, scholarly… Scholarly thing. Yes. Scholarly things. For Revivalism!

(There’s always so much terror in sharing this stuff.  I’m not gonna lie.)

It has been bothering me for a while that, for…

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