Random exploration thingies

So, I’ve been flailing around a bit since Poseidon began nudging me to do more than just sit with these uncomfortable things. Two days ago, He was wise enough to point out that I was doing my typical “make it all perfect before I begin” thing: sure, I’d offer prayers and worship to Vishnu, but it would wait until I got the icons I wanted, and then it would wait until I felt more confident, and then and then and then . . .

One of the constant lessons from Him has been, it’s not about the stuff. And also, just do the thing. So, prayers, prayers the way I pray, have happened, and Powers have been approached. Because I’m still dragging my feet a tad, I’ve pretty much just approached Ganesh at this point. And it’s more of a sidling up next to, at this point.

But, I found this series of talks, and I’m only halfway through the second, but I really, really enjoyed the first ,and got a lot out of it. It may be of relevance to some who read my blog and so, sharing.


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