Hail Poseidon! Hail the Rain Makers!

images (1)It rained yesterday.The seagulls are expanding their territory outward across the city. It rained yesterday. It was as small shower, nothing all that impressive for here, but it rained.Rained.The dry season will be winding down. It doesn’t last long, and it always seems an eternity. Just when I think, okay, I can get used to this, it rains, and I realize I’m starving.


2 thoughts on “Hail Poseidon! Hail the Rain Makers!

  1. Given that I live in England, you’d think, with the amount of rain we get, I wouldn’t get so hungry for it. But I do, every year. A couple of days ago, it rained, hard, for twelve solid hours. I must have spent half an hour just standing in it and thanking Papa.

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