Regarding the Story Subscription

One thing I neglected to mention in my previous post regarding the story subscription is: we are currently 8 chapters deep into what is anticipated to be a 12 chapter long novel, A Marriage of Land and Sea. I realize this isn’t the best starting place for anyone coming into this particular reward.

My story subscription started as a desperate attempt on my part to gain some more income so that I had some hope at all of paying for a surprise dental bill. (It worked, by the way; I was able to pay the bill off on time, all on money earned by selling my fiction to some damn loyal fans. Yes, I’m still pinching myself.) Initial I was offering this through Paypal, but more than a few of my subscribers expressed an interest in being able to set up auto-pay for this, and Patreon allows you to do that.

For those of you who aren’t overly familiar with my fiction: I write stories. I have, am currently, and plan to again the future, write longer fiction, but my preferred length runs from short story length to novella length. 50k tends to be my ballpark figure for novels — in fact, that’s what I’m aiming for with each of the three books that will be in this Marriage trilogy.

I work full time, and aside from writing part time I also help out with Beth’s business. (Mostly I’m a courier). This does not leave me nearly the amount of time I’d like to have to spend on writing. With the support of my core subscribers, I proposed using the current novel as the subscription story for the year. I had some of it already written, and I wanted a buffer between the deadlines and the writing of new material. I also wanted something to hold me accountable — I’ve had this story with me for years. As in, more than fifteen. I wanted the pressure on — just enough pressure — to actually commit it to paper. Well, pixels.

The important thing to note is: this is not going to be the norm for the subscription plan. The first story, Igraine’s Flight, was just over 20k. The second story, Spirit Touched, was 10k. So please don’t think that opting in will commit you to a on-going story that will take a whole year or more to complete. This year was an experiment, and I appreciate the support from my subscribers, and I love the novel, I love the story, I love Charlie and Roern, and I will be writing the rest of the series . . . but I’m going back to shorter work for the story subscription come January.

The other important thing to note is: if you’re interested in opting in to the story subscription and you don’t want to wait until January to do so, you may purchase the previous chapters from me directly for only $30 — that’s a 25% discount! Simply paypal me at bluedolfyn at yahoo dot com, and comment which file method you prefer, and when the new chapter goes live on September 15th, I’ll send along the preceding chapters as well!


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