I’m now on Patreon!

Before anything else, I need to thank those of you who have encouraged, supported, heckled, and needled at me to get this baby set up. Your support has been humbling. I know it’s a common fear/conviction of authors that one day our fans will realize we’re making all this shit up as we go along, and that they’ll withdraw their support. (Note: I did not say it was a logical fear, just a common one). I’m still a bit in shock that people are willing to pay for what I write. A teeny part of me is always, “. . . but, did you read it? And you still want to pay me for it?”

Okay, okay. Enough gratitude. Let’s get to the details.

I am on Patreon!

For those who don’t already know, Patreon allows patrons to pledge a certain dollar amount a month to the various people they want to support. It can range from a dollar to, I imagine, whatever one feels they want to pledge. Incentive is given via rewards — perks that patrons receive that are not available any other way. I had some rewards built in to the subscription plan, but I’ve tweaked them a bit. Going forward, the rewards are:

  • $5 a month, or more: you will receive access to exclusive snippets and excerpts from fictional works is progress. As of right now this will be more or less centered around the story subscription projects.
  • $10 a month, or more: you’re in the story subscription project! Once a month, on the 15th of each month, you will receive new, unpublished content written by me! This will consist of either a short story or a story installment/chapter of no less than four thousand words (roughly seven pages). I do plan to release these works eventually for public consumption, but you will get first look at them. (For an example, the first story, Igraine’s Flight, was finished months and months ago, and it’s nowhere near being released) You’ll have your choice between .epub, .mobi. or .pdf. Plus, you will have access to exclusive excerpts and snippets.
  • $15 a month or more: pick a non-fiction topic for me to blog about! Now, there will be some limits — I’m not going to spend time writing about something I have zero interest in or that I have to spend too much time researching. I’m not going to write about politics in general. But, if you have a question about writing, or about religion, spirituality, polytheism, paganism, veiling, or anything else up my alley, I’m game. You will also receive all the above rewards.
  • $25 a month or more: Name a character in an up-coming story or book! You will also receive access to my more exclusive activity feed, where you’ll find behind the scene content to WIPs, research geekery, and whatever else ends up there. You will also receive the previous rewards.
  • $50 a month or more: you get to give me a topic that will be worked into a future story. (“I want to see a story about shape-shifters!” or “I want to see a story about gods interacting with regular people!” or “I want to see a story about an alien who is sent to earth as punishment, hidden in a cat form that almost but doesn’t always pass, who has to maintain her cover but still seek out contact with her own people, and the antics that happen when her adopted family realizes something isn’t quite right . . .”) PLUS you will receive the story in an e-book file of your choice once it’s completed, and all of the above rewards
  •  $75 a month or more: you will receive all of the above, plus an autographed copy of my book The Fairy Queen of Spencer’s Butte and Other Tales. You will also be acknowledged for your support in subsequent novels, during your patronage.

Please spread the word. Also, if anyone is interested in my fiction and hasn’t seen any of it yet, Promised is a good example of what I write. Sanctuary Farm doesn’t suck, either. 😉


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