STAFFREADS.COM HAS PIRATED MY BOOK! (and they may have pirated yours, too!)

Edited: I have contacted the necessary parties regarding the piracy and copyright infringement. Thanks to everyone for their advice and support. (Also, if you’re like me and you’ve been living under a rock, I want to point out Pagans Against Plagiarism on FB — super helpful. If you’re an artist or a writer and pagan, check them out!)

I have discovered that denies any ability to have control over the content posted using their software, and thus will be of no help. My next steps are to contact Youtube to get the video with the link pulled, but I wanted to get the word out, as well.

Second verse, same as the first:

You do not steal from those whose work  you wish to support. Piracy is not okay. If you are getting a book for free that is not through legitimate channels, you are stealing, and this is not okay.

The Fairy Queen of Spencer’s Butte and  Other Tales is MINE. If you want to read it and can’t afford the $4 for the Kindle file,  I’ll be happy to give you a copy in exchange for an honest review. Just contact me. Support the writers and creators whose work you enjoy. Don’t steal. Don’t support people who steal. Help me get the word out. If you are an indie author or know indie authors, make sure they hear about this and check for their own work.


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  1. MontiLee says:

    WordPress doesn’t host really blog, they just offer really software. You have to go after the registrar and the actual hosting site and send a C&D. Whois will provide that information.

    You can find C&D templates online

    1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

      Already did; thanks for the info.

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  4. BEST I CAN DO….is get folks to know your situation….can someone help?

  5. Ossia Sylva says:

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    Boosting the signal. Stolen work is a HUGE no-no. Please help Jolene, and other writers who have had their work pirated!

  6. TPWard says:

    While you might be able to get your work taken down, I’m hoping the people working for Joyce Carol Oates will have the resources to get the site taken down, which is why I contacted them about one of HER books.

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