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Luna is on the mend. We’ll find out on Thursday if she’ll need stitches; the doctor wanted to see how she healed in the meantime, but this is one particularly problematic gland and she’s blown it out before (oh, our poor girl) and so I don’t know with scarification, how well it’s going to heal. She’s in great spirits — a bit jumpy about having people near her moving too fast (and by people I mean Corbie) but otherwise doing well for having a wound upon her tuchis. We think stitches will be a thing, and then also likely a cone of style, as one of her biggest fans calls it — and no, there will be no pictures.

Corbie is absolutely perfect. He’s even finally decided to eat popsicles again. Because he’s not a stupid dog, he waiting until I got a new box before he’d decide to take any, and then he took a huge chunk from Beth’s when she offered him a lick. (hehehehe). I wonder if he thought the other box poisoned him? On Friday I need to catch more of his pee and deliver it for testing, and we’ll find out more re: kidney disease or medication results, and bladder infection or stones.

And next week? Next week I’m hoping for zero animal issues requiring doctor visits.

To say that I reached this week being exhausted is an understatement. Yesterday was all about sleeping, and not depression sleeping but “I cannot function oh my god” sleep. I woke up after ten hours to go grocery shopping, and then came home and slept for another four. I feel mostly human again, which is good, because my brain went to all sorts of fun places while I was exhausted (more on that later) but the upside to this is being reminded that I need to be more selective, more discerning even, where I put my energy. I love writing, I love writing on this blog — but there’s a very particular sort of writing I want to be doing on this blog . . . and the 30 Days of Devotion is not it. Certainly not at that pace. I don’t know if I’ll pick it back up or not, but wanting there to be one that centers on Poseidon is not enough of a reason, and I should have known that out of the gate when I didn’t care about the answers. “How was He X in antiquity?” Blah, boring. If you want to know (and I’ve wanted to know!) go and research. The topic isn’t boring for me to read, but it’s so boring for me to write about because it’s the now that interests me, and it’s the now that I want to talk about and read about.

I’m not saying studying the past cultus is a waste of time. I’m not saying that studying the cultures that worshiped Poseidon is a waste of time — but my devotion to Him is not, has not ever been, and will not be, rooted in that place and time. My devotion to Him is rooted in Poseidon. My devotion to Him is rooted wherever He decides its rooted, and when I allow myself to tangle myself up in these other things . . . it never goes well. Suddenly I’m entertaining doubts that I laid to rest over a decade ago. Which I’m going to write more about because Keeping It Real is a big deal to me, and I don’t pretend I have my shit together.

I may use some of the topics as fodder in the future, but for now, I’m setting it aside. I’ve got these couple of novels to finish, and more heartfelt things to write about.


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    1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

      As if it would be anything else on Her Ladyship. “Do you have any that are jewel-encrusted?”

      1. Silence says:

        Oooo – glue some rhinestones! Bedazzle that cone!

  1. Glad the furry ones are on the mend! I look forward to the coming posts! ❤

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