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Corbie’s continuing to mend. He’s up to a lot of his antics. For example, for the duration of this illness, he’s been sleeping on the outside of the bed, so that if he had to get up for whatever, he could do so easily. Typically his side of he bed is the inside, and part of our going to bed routine is for me to get into bed, for him to walk around the outside of me, and for me to remind him, “Other side.” He’ll then trot around me and settle into his spot. (I’m restless with my feet during the night and need access to the edge of the bed to stick them out and tuck them in as needed. The way our bedroom is set up, part of my ‘outside’ side is blocked by Beth’s bed, and part of the foot of the bed is blocked by the horde of spinning wheels.) I’ve been on the “other side” since Sunday, and so when I went to bed last night I just tucked myself against the wall like I’ve been doing.

Corbie was curled up in the center of the bed, and Neech came to sleep with us, so it was the three of us right in a row across the pillows, but apparently Neech was pestering Corbie with his kneading. Corbie wriggled out from the covers, trotted around me, and started wiggling to get between me and the wall, as if to say, “Ma, other side!”

I was hysterical.

I’m getting him a fresh bag of kibble today, and if he eats dinner with no problem he’s going back on his blood pressure and diuretic meds tomorrow.

Oh, right! The urinalysis! He’s got to have another one done in about two weeks. His urine came back dilute, which the doc says might be signs of early kidney disease or might be a result of his medication. She also found blood and white blood cells in his urine, which could mean a bladder infection that the antibiotics cleared up (there was no bacteria) or it could mean that there’s a bladder stone. We’re really hoping for no kidney disease, obviously, but at the same time we’re sort of expecting it now, and also, early detection for the win.

And Lu’s got one of her anal glands acting up, and we didn’t catch it in time because we’d been so preoccupied with mister “No, no food, no water, I’ll just waste away,” so we’ll have the vet out again. She’s a delicate Lady, despite her tough attitude, so she’ll need an antibiotic shot. She’s in better spirits than she was yesterday. Trying not to to be too down on us about having not caught it, but she was fine and clean on Saturday, and yesterday was the first day that she was acting “off”. When we went to investigate she fought pretty hard — her teeth met inside my finger, and I’m sort of happy I’m fat because that’s the only reason they did not meet bone.

We’ve already called the vet, and are waiting to hear back. “Hi guys! It’s been DAYS since we saw you last. Like, TWO OF THEM. Please come back.”

She always piggybacks on Corbie’s issues. Always. After his back injury, like, the next month, she was all, “Hi, I have an infection you didn’t know about and I’m going to die if you don’t save me now. Surprise!”

Anyway, that’s where we’re at. Corbie’s eating and acting normal and getting underfoot again. Lu’s uncomfortable but she’ll be okay. Will get back to the 30 Days of Poseidon meme soon, possibly tomorrow even.

Thank you, everyone, for your well wishes for Corbie. We appreciate them so much. Now, if you could spare a little for Her Ladyship, we’d appreciate that as well.


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  1. Miaërowyn says:

    Lots of love and health for Her Ladyship! It’s so good to hear Corbie’s doing better! ❤

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