An update on Corbie

For those of you who are not following this story on FaceBook (where I update his statue whenever he happens to do anything at all): things are improving.

Yesterday was a lot of sleeping (a lot of hard sleeping; there was twitching, I can’t wait until he starts snoring again) but also some milemarkers on our trip to wellness. We started going outside to pee again, and he looked a few times like he wanted to try going down the steps on his own. Our walk extended to the sidewalk along the front of our duplex. He still did not want to eat on his own, but if we shoved the baby food into his mouth, he ate it. He trembles after he’s had food, for about fifteen minutes after. Our vet suggested some Pepcid AC for him, so we’re going to try that.

By yesterday evening, he walked both up and down the steps on his own, and one walk even had a few paces of his normal bouncing gait. Very exciting. Of course the first time he tries to go down the steps on his own was once it was dark. Stubborn dog, gotta do it the way that’s going to worry me the most.

Our vet stopped by with more medicine for him (anti-diarrheal pill and an antibiotic to help with the nausea) and he received those with his nightly heart med. We’ve had to stop the blood pressure and the diuretic until he’s better, which is a bit worrisome, as his heart murmur is strong and loud and advanced. After he had the antibiotic, he willingly ate a whole can of chicken baby food. Licked the jar clean.

Which made his snubbing food again this morning pretty disheartening. Small steps, right? He ate a total of just under three jars of food yesterday, and some (cat) kibble, which was the first food he even willingly sought out on his own, so we did not dissuade him from it, and Neech egged him on, and a few bits of cream cheese. Improvements are happening, he is on the mend.

The bad news (or possible bad news) is, the only worrisome thing the blood work revealed was possible early stage kidney disease. Kidney and heart disease seem pretty typical concurrent illnesses, and from what I’ve since read, catching the kidney disease early makes a huge, huge difference. I have a feeling his already expensive medication is about to get even more expensive but right now I don’t care so long as he keeps eating.

We talk about “When do we say enough?” because we know his body is going to give out on him, because we know his heart failure is in the later stages, and medication is only going to help for so long. We’ve gotten a year and a half extra with him because of finding the heart failure early enough that medication could help (thank you for that, Angel) and we’re not “life at any cost” people. That said, for as long as we can throw medicine at it to improve his quality of life, we’re going to — even if it only buys us months.

We should have urine results today. Fingers crossed.

Worry aside: he barked at people outside the house today. First time since Saturday. Funny how things that used to annoy you can suddenly become awesomely amazing.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Maria D. says:

    Prayers for Corbie!

  2. G. B. Marian says:

    Good dog! I pray the urine test results turn out negative.

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