Stepping back

So, the only reason posts have been happening is because they were scheduled to go up.

On Sunday our Corbie became very ill. Something really upset his stomach, and he was miserable. He wasn’t able to even drink anything for nearly 12 hours and it’s just been bad.

His vet has been out and we’re waiting on blood work. He’s been given antibiotics and fluids. He’s drinking willingly in his own but we’re still having to shove baby food onto his tongue to get him to eat.

He’ll only stay in bed if I do as well. So writing isn’t happening until he’s well again.

If you can spare some good love for Corb, please do so.




He’s improving. Diarrhea is still an issue and getting him to eat. He’s keeping what he eats down, but he’s just so disinterested in food. 😦


12 thoughts on “Stepping back

  1. It looks like, from those pictures, that he is a mushpot of love. I hope you guys can all rest easy soon and he gets strongly on the road to recovery.

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