Fire on the Mountain by Jennifer Lawrence

What I don’t say in that review, and what I will say here is: if you like your fiction pagan as all get out, with gods showing up and taking an active (albeit still background role), you’ll want to read this book. Also refreshing is that the gods are not relegated to fey status. It’s a common trope these days, and I enjoy books where that happens, but I also love (and love more) seeing the gods get to be gods and not all just become a different way of saying “fey”.

Er. That might be a pet peeve. Anyway: support your pagan fiction authors! Buy their books!

The Saturated Page

For those not in the know, currently my dog is coming back from some wicked intestinal wretchedness. He is weak, he is unwell, and he is basically on bed rest. He’s also amazing, and in order for me to keep him in bed I have to stay with him, because he thinks I’m amazing, and wants to be with me all the time. To that end, I’m staying in bed with him and reading. Sometimes out loud, to him, because he likes it.

One of the books we read was Jennifer Lawrence’s Fire on the Mountain. I’ve wanted this book since she released it, and I was hoping to get a Kindle edition at some point because acquiring physical books in our limited space is something I try not to do if I can help it. I’m not going to criticize her for not having this out in e-reader…

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