30 Days of Poseidon

XVII.How does this deity relate to other gods and other pantheons?

I’m not 100% sure which way this question is meant. Are we talking, how does Poseidon get on with other gods and other pantheons, or are we talking, what other gods fill similar roles as Poseidon?

In the first instance: it depends on the Power in question. There have been a few cases of seeing Poseidon and Someone Else not get on well, but generally, despite His reputations in the myths, Poseidon is pretty easy going. The cases where I’ve run into Him not getting on with Someone, it is impossible for me to say how much of that is about the Power in question and how much is situational or circumstantial. In my experience, Poseidon and Dionysos have a tense relationship. Dionysos had a (small) role in my getting my relationship with Poseidon back on track, and my interaction with the God was positive – but also extremely unlike anything I expected. Since then, I am only allowed to honor Dionysos extremely formally, at very specific times, and never singularly. For example, He is one of the Powers I honor during the Vigil for the Bulls, along with a host of Others, but I am not allowed approach only Him. The feeling is not quite animosity, and I know of people who interact with Them Both just fine. I can’t hope to know exactly what’s up, and I’m not saying that They are enemies. But, it’s . . . tense and uneasy.

In the second instance, this is something of a sensitive topic for me at the moment (more on that later on). Gods that, in my head at least, belong to the same sort of ‘type’ tribe as Poseidon include: Manannan, Neptune, Ogun, Enki, Aegir, Njord, Varuna, Yam, apparently Vishnu, to an extent Veles. . . meh. I’m not super comfortable with this topic. There are a number of Powers that have spheres of over lapping influence. I’m a hard enough of a polytheist that I don’t think these are different names for the same Power . . . but at the same time, some of them, the individuation gets . . . murky, if you’ll forgive that pun. I also don’t think the Powers are as attached to names as we are, and I think They’ll use whatever works in order to make communication possible, up to and including slipping on a familiar face when we have a hard time connecting. If I say things like, my Poseidon is the same as Neptune, does that mean that the being I connect with is always the very same being as Neptune as He connects with others? No, I’m not. I’m also not saying He’s not, but I am saying that I’m not dictating to Him how He is in the world and what name He must wear. That is, I’m not deciding for Him that He must do names and stories and faces the way we do them.


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