I see what You did there, You know.

Coincidental coming across of various icons, signs, and symbols to get my mind in the right place. Writing research focused heavily upon our past together so that I can see the pattern of Your not really ever giving ground, of Your constant support and Your unwillingness to let me get off easy, even when it seems like I’m shoving my head in the sand. You allow the time and space it takes for me to come around to something, but You never let me pretend it’s not there. Patterns of Your unwaverying steadfastness fresh in my mind, proof — proof! — that You are trustworthy, that You have lived up to what You said You would, that there is no cosmic joke and You are not waiting until just the perfect time to drop me, reassurance that Your love is kind and constant. With such strength in my heart, such love and adoration and knowledge of being blessed by You, out I trekked . . .


Hi there, Durga! Let me introduce you to my family . . .

and found this.

Well played. Message received.

(I’m not generally a “this is an awesome deal I HAVE TO GET IT even if I don’t keep it!” sort of thrifter, but this is a brass mask, and it wasΒ ten dollars.)


8 thoughts on “I see what You did there, You know.

  1. What a lovely mask of Durga. I have mask envy now πŸ˜‰ With Parvati being represented identical with Durga in form I have both a print of a statue of Parvati in the likeness of Durga. I may do a separate shrine to Durga overall but I am not yet certainly if that is necessary and Hindu texts I have come across being shared have suggested that Parvati is Durga, which makes sense to me on a profound level. All the same why can’t we have nifty stuff like that up here I whine to myself lol πŸ˜‰ Enjoy your mask!

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