It Is All You, Earth-Shaker


It is our history that bring me here, to this dark place.
Our history affords me the courage to stand before You in this dark, heavy place.
The weight of the earth above is crushing and You are so immense I can only see to Your knees.
I can’t convince my eyes to travel higher.
I can’t convince my head to move.
It’s all I can do to stand and not crumple at Your feet.
The weight of Your regard is oppressive.
It’s damning, that weight.
You see everything
You see past everything,
and for a moment we are not devotee and God
For a moment I am a consuming, devouring, destroying beast
One of the many locusts upon the earth,
Only locusts do not do what we do, and that, too, is in Your regard.
With blood streaming into the soil, down concrete, into the rivers
With blood saturating all
With the thunderous sound of hooves upon the streets and the bellowing
For a moment I see teeth flash, red, and it’s our blood You want.
For a moment, I see You waiver in Your conviction.
For a moment, I fear You, and I want to beg and plead for clemency for all my kind.
That is Your doing.
Under this weight, in this dark place damp with blood and salt and death,
That is still Your doing.
For a moment the weight lessens and I see You see me.
I am Yours, Yours for whatever. I will not fear You, and when I do, it will change nothing.
I will not recoil from these moments.
Your Grief will not crush me
Unless it does, and should it do so, I will welcome it.
There is nowhere else for me.
Our history brought me here to You but it is not our history that keeps me here.
That is all You, Earth-Shaker.


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  1. Nerthuschild says:


    This I wrote yesterday:

    Breaking Open 07-11-15

    She came like a tornado to an open plain
    like an avalanche tearing down a mountain
    or a Tsunami making its wall of water
    I received Her as I always do
    totally and absolutely winging it


    I am breaking you open
    You and your lover both
    When you are fully broken open
    You will be of more use to Me
    and you will be happier with each other

    It will be easier for you if you surrender completely
    But surrender or not this process will continue
    Easily or with resistance does not matter
    It will happen


    We make promises
    We make them to ourselves, to Source
    to the Universe
    to Love
    to each other
    to our Spirit to Soul
    To the Gods and Goddesses
    In this time and place
    or within the otherworld, or in that respite
    between incarnations

    Yet make them we do
    To this day I remember at my initiation
    the question
    Do you really want to open this door?
    Once opened it cannot be closed

    I said Yes
    I say Yes again today
    I will say Yes tomorrow and every day thereafter
    Broken or whole, happy or sad
    alone or with others
    This Yes is engraved upon me, upon my sweet willing Heart
    So Mote It Be

  2. Reblogged this on A Matter of Faith and commented:
    Beautiful. ❤

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