30 Days (but not consecutively)(though so far they have been) of Poseidon

III. Symbols and icons of Poseidon

I’m lucky enough that, while there is not a whole lot of information regarding cult practices and festivals held in His honor (rather than festivals in which He was also honored), there is a decent amount of art featuring Poseidon — and I do like a lot of it. Still, when you mention ‘symbols of Poseidon’ there is really only one thing that comes to mind:

tattoo drawing by Lion-K

tattoo drawing
by Lion-K

There is no other symbol that screams Poseidon quite like the trident. While, yes, it’s true that He shares this symbol with Others, both inside and outside His Family, it is still so very much His. And it allows for endless amounts of introspection, at least for me, given how important His Brothers are to Him, and the realms that are divided between them, and the whole three-prongedness of the Trident. It’s good times.


8 thoughts on “30 Days (but not consecutively)(though so far they have been) of Poseidon

    • I’m not really sure what I could add to this, in all honesty. The most I’ve seen the trident discussed and theologized (??) over has been within a Hindu context, not so much a Hellenic one, and to be completely honest, I’ve still got my fingers shoved in my ears over that.

      Some of the stories say that the Trident was given to Poseidon at the same time Zeus and Hades both got Their weapons, and that it’s tied to the divying up of the realms. Some stories have the two events being less connected. Much is made about the trident being a fishing weapon and thus furthering his connection with the sea, though in mythic context the trident — His Trident, anyway — was more connected with His role as Earth-Shaker, and while I definitely associate the trident with Him, I don’t necessarily connect it with the sea, or even with His sea aspects.

  1. Firstly, I giggled at your title 🙂
    Secondly, yaaasssss, trident! I’ve always been obsessed with the sea, ocean, lakes, any body of water really, and tridents. Just tridents. ❤

    • Heh, funnily enough, I was just writing about how I don’t really have a sea=trident connection, personally. It’s more trident–>Poseidon–>sea connection, for me. But i’ll heartily agree with your comment anyway, because i love all the things.

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